Create a web app, wipe one completely from
your machine, manage files with a click, tweak
your registry to make you more productive.
Get all this and more in the files below.
  • Get to a VSNet Command Prompt instantly - Lets you right-click any folder or drive and get to a Visual Studio .NET Command Prompt in that folder, by clicking on "ozVSNetCommandPrompt."
  • Register DLLs and OCXs with ease - Creates two new choices when you right-click a .DLL or .OCX file: "ozRegister" and "ozUnRegister." Size: 2,641 bytes.
  • Delete VS projects - Completely removes one or more Visual studio projects and their associated web applications, if any. You probably know that a VS.NET Web app makes a footprint in four different locations on your local computer. This script eradicates them all.
  • Create a web application - Creates a folder in WWWRoot, with a corresponding web app in IIS. If the folder already exists in WWWRoot, it's converted from a simple web folder into an application, complete with FrontPage Server Extensions.
  • Manage your files with a click
    • Move or copy a file to any folder. The target folder does not have to be open in Explorer.
    • Hold a file temporarily by copying or renaming it (e.g. myFile.txt to myFile.tx$).
    • Hold incremental versions of a file, complete with a date code (e.g. myFile.txt to myFile_2614a.txt, myFile_2614b.txt), optionally zipping it (,
    • Swap two file names. Handy when you're testing two versions of a config file, for example.
TIP: Put shortcuts to each of these scripts in your SendTo folder. Then if you want to hold a copy of a file, you simply right-click it, choose Send To, click HoldFile_Copy, and it's done! Or if you want to swap the names of two files, select them both, right-click, send to SwapName, let it do the work, and so on. Size: 21,067 bytes.
  • ozWeather - Here's a project that uses three web services to provide the current weather, a forecast, and city/state information for any zip code in the USA. Get the source code in VB.NET and C# versions in a single zip file. Size: 46,549 bytes.
    See ozWeather in action here | Source code temporarily unavailable
  • ozTimer - A countdown timer for instructors, seminar presenters, and public speakers in general. It helps you see how much time you have left. You can enter the target time in a variety of ways: minutes, hours:minutes, or hours:minutes:seconds.

    Your time remaining shows on ozTimer's Task Bar button, so even if you minimize it, or it's hidden by another window, you can track your progress. You can also choose to keep ozTimer on top of all other windows. Get the source code in VB.NET and C#. Size: 15,728 bytes.
  • ozBrowserDimensions.gif - Here's a handy image you can use as desktop wallpaper. It conveniently shows 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 dimensions so you can resize your browser for test purposes as you develop web applications. Size: 5,185 bytes. is powered by WebHost4Life. Click here for a great web host, at a great price.

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